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Guide to buying a home espresso machine

If you want to buy an espresso machine for home, it is just not about picking the first model you come across. There are a variety of brands and models in the market, which complicates the buying process. You also need to do due diligence by looking at home espresso machine reviews before making a purchase. This article will highlight some of the factors to consider when buying an espresso machine.

Factors to consider when buying an espresso machine

Boiler type

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In regards to boiler type, we can have either single heat exchanger and dual boilers. Temperature consistency is the main difference in these three models. Other distinguishing features are the ability to steam milk and pull shots. If you want an espresso machine that can pull shots, steam milk, and have a consistent temperature at the same time, then buying a dual boiler is the way to go.


Size is also an important consideration when buying an espresso machine. Regarding size, the height of the espresso machine counts more than the width. Remember, that you may need to buy a burr to increase the effectiveness of the grinder, and this too will add to its footprint size. That said, depending on the height of your counter space, you might need to choose a model that fits there perfectly.

Water source

You need water when making coffee. As such, considering the source of water for your machine is vital. Different espresso machines require different water filling methods. Some need to be plumbed-in, some are filled manually, while others incorporate these two features. With is in mind, consider buying a machine that suits your water access points. However, if your budget allows you to purchase one that can be filled using the two methods, then it is a wise choice

Machine style

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Machine style is also an important aspect to consider when buying an espresso machine. Apparently, there are many styles to consider in your selection process. However, your preference should help you settle for one. If you want the modern or the traditional styles, you are liberty.

Pump type

The pump type of an espresso machine depends on whether it is a plumbed or non-plumbed type. Non-plumbed appliances have a vibratory pump. On the other hand, plumbed machines can have either a rotary or a gear pump. Rotary pumps make less noise than gear pumps. Thus, when buying a plumbed espresso machine, you should think of buying one with a rotary pump.…